CNC: Replica Bridge


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CNC machining for a variety of Replica Bridges. Drawn from real vintage parts or accurate prints. 


- Oversize for repair work (1/32" extra all around, can go larger if requested)

- To-size for replica instruments

- Carve only for routing your own intonated saddle slot

- String spacing and Saddle Slot Geometry to match your specific part/instrument model


- Does not include materials

- You will receive a detailed print via email to check your OEM part, or instrument, to insure the proper geometry and saddle slot location/style

- For all custom parts ordered online, you will receive all necessary details/forms in a follow-up email 

- Have a vintage or replica bridge not listed here? Contact us and we may wave the Custom Design Fee to add it to our library

 - See our bridge materials here


For more custom options (at addition costs) and discount information on bulk orders, contact us at