For Luthiers by Luthiers

Allied Lutherie has been taken over by PROFESSIONAL GUITAR MAKERS! We are very excited to take the helm of this iconic company and supply you with the best materials around. Every person that works here is a real working luthier and has been trained or worked with some of the best. The ALLIED forces are even stronger now! We will still be selling our excellent FLEXSTRONG truss rods made exclusively for ALLIED by the truss rod man himself, Mike Gutsch.. There are many irons in the fire in what our offerings will entail: new tools, parts, woods, etc...

We have three seasoned CNC professionals who can work on prototypes, custom inlays, jigs, fixtures, and any thing else that your heart desires. 

**For CNC Part Orders**
CNC orders are prioritized by a first come first serve basis. Wait times can sometimes be in the range of 6 to 8 weeks depending on how many orders are ahead of yours. Expect longer wait times for large, complex, and custom orders. If you're in need of your parts immediately contact us now. We may be able to rush-order your parts for a fee, or we can offer you a full refund, but please keep these wait times in mind on any future orders. WE will contact YOU when your project is up with any pertinent information or questions. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to doing business with you!

Please be in touch if you have any questions regarding these services.

-Adam Buchwald, Mike Gutsch, Will Hylton,