Kerfing Clamps - "Super Klamps"

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Made of High Temperature PLA Plastic with Heavy Wall Latex Rubber Bands

Bevan Frost of Big Hollow Guitars tipped us off on these with this quote....

"Caution the following may only be relevant to traditional shaped kerfing:

20 (minutes of savings per guitar) x 65 (# of guitars made) = 1300 That’s the number of minutes I have wasted with other clamps. Not to mention the money!!

Clothespins were cheap enough, but those rubber bands have to be replaced you know. Then I tried LMI clamps. Those didn’t work for me. Then I tried spring clamps, Irwin quick grips, and the stewmac aluminum clamps. All left something to be desired.

$200 on different subpar solutions and 21 hours of time made it feel even sweeter when I finally laid eyes on Gordon Groves’ clamps. I ordered a small number to confirm my suspicions, and indeed no sooner had I tried them than I was ordering a full set. They are some of the most expensive clamps available, but now that I have them they have turned a frustrating experience into one that is easy to control and get great results. Naturally they speed up the process because they go where you put them and they stay there. They have better pressure (I think this has something to do with where the band is relative to the fulcrum), and they align to the shape of the side and kerfing. They close the inside edge of the kerfing, and allow you to manhandle the z axis curves into the kerfing.

I am home, my journey in kerfing clamps complete. I reside in fertile valley full of guitars that were assembled with ease. Join me"

Made by Gordon Groves  (Tuscon, Arizona based luthier is a 1990 Roberto-Venn Graduate who builds acoustic and electric guitars and has a great deal of experience doing vinatbe restoration work for the last 30 years.) 

Sold in Packs of 10

1/4" Black clamps for tights spots

3/8" White Clamps

40-50 Clamps needed for each side.