Copy of Morning Wood


New Sets Up!


Cocobolo Rosewood Parlor Set

Cocobolo Rosewood Dreadnaught Set


Bastogne Walnut Sets

6 more sets of Brazilan Rosewood 

Brazilian Rosewood

Solid Indian Rosewood Neck Blanks



Old Sitka


Carpathian Spruce

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Acoustic guitar wood has always been our forte but we will be entering the electric world. To start with, we are now selling electric guitar wood that has been tempered, (cooked in an oven with low oxygen). A great article was written by Adam Perlmutter of Acoustic guitar with Dana Bourgeois explaining the process here . We will be getting more acoustic woods like this, we do have one set below, but for now we are starting with electric woods. 

Please click here to view our specials page to see Tempered Bog Ash, Tempered Alder, Tempered Basswood, Tempered Northern Red Pine and Tempered Salvaged White Pine, Tempered Swamp Ash, and Tempered Butternut.

We are also starting to sell various tempered maple neck blanks for guitar and bass. 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4. 3a, 4a, 5a, quartered, and flat sawn. Please ask us what sizes we have for bass in stock as well. 





Madagascar Rosewood Set 2



Bubinga 00/Classic Size -DEAL ALERT (9 sets of this)

Maple "TEMPERED" D Size



Engelmann Spruce 

Engelmann Spruce 



Colorful Western Red Cedar


Colorful Cedar 


Chocolate Striped Western Cedar

We picked up a bunch of wood last year from an apprentice that worked with Somogyi in the late 90's and are starting to list it.
Redwood for Classical Guitar and a Dread. This stuff is old and stiff. These are just a few of them we have. Please inquire about more. 
We also have a bunch of 4a Western Red Cedar that he sold us as well. Light, stiff, resonant, tight grain...Lovely wood! Here is an example of one. Please inquire about others of this quality and look. 



For tops and backs:

   We've also added more options to our ever popular bone nuts and saddle inventory. We have always loved the color and look of the vintage bone and saddles on the market but could never find the right supplier. Luckily, they also offer another style that is a Amber-Red Brown Color that will look amazing paired with the right woods. Its nice to have so many options these days.


Very excited that our customers are catching on and ordering these amazing tools from Chris Ensor of Elevate. Trust us, they will change your lives! Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns. We are still adding the extra sandpaper sleeves, router bits, solid guide for binding jig, and classical or steel string guides for the bridge jig, so just tell us what you want. The pictures below will give you a taste of how they look. Click on them for links to videos on how to use them. 

 For now we will be selling his Rolling Pin Sander, Mortise and Tenon Jig, Bridge Drilling Jig Binding Jig, Precision Circle Cutter, and Neck Bolt Counterbore.


We are also offering the finest threaded inserts we have found on the market. They are made of High Carbon Steel so they wont strip like the common brass inserts. They also have thicker threads and a hex installation so you can use a drill. They come in sets of two and include a 1/4-20 furniture bolt to attach the neck. The counterbore will work perfectly for these along with the neck tenon jig. We recommend counter sinking the hole before installing.  

 Compression Rods

Dont forget to order the best truss rods on the market

If you haven't tried the compression rods, you're missing out. 

These rods are great for:
  • Those who want to minimize neck weight.
  • Those who are building Fender style necks.
  • Those who are building thin necks.
  • Classical builders, including those who want easy soundhole access with our extended length version.
Features of the new Compression-Tension rod include:
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Simple dual-action design that allows for smooth, fine adjustment (but not so fine that you risk bottoming out the threads or being overly tedious to adjust)
  • Adjustment rod spins freely within anti-vibration tubing so rod can never bind up inside neck in either direction
  • Induction-brazed for superior strength, reliability and consistency
  • Electro-cleaned and passivated for ultimate corrosion resistance and neat look
  • Custom lengths available
  • Designed and manufactured right here in our Healdsburg, California shop by Mike Gutsch Guitars exclusively for Allied Lutherie
Custom Lengths



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