Original Rolling Pin Sander

PID: 29161543

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The Rolling Pin Sander by Elevate Lutherie is the perfect binding prep tool.  Sand the sides of your instrument in a fraction of the time and ensure a flat surface across their width. It fits in a standard handheld drill- adding the benefit of variable speed control. But it’s not just for binding prep. The Rolling Pin Sander is great for cleaning up the inside of sides before gluing in blocks and linings. It’s also very handy when shaping the neck heel profile.

Don’t forget to order extra sanding sleeves, please specify which Grit. We have 80, 120 and 240grit, each one costs an additional $5

Worried about dust?  Check out the Dust Collection Hood.  This lightweight attachment quickly attaches to the tool handle with a single pinch bolt and is compatible with a standard 1 7/8″ shop vacuum hose.  The attachment is designed to work with all new and old model ELEVATE Rolling Pin Sanders with a 1 1/4″d handle.  The hole for attaching your vacuum hose is 1 3/4″d- please verify fit with your vacuum.  Depending on your particular hose, the fit may need to be adjusted with either shimming or sanding down the diameter of the hose