'Suck and Spin' Guitar Body Vacuum Clamp

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'Suck and Spin' 

It sucks, it clamps, and it spins! 

We will be making these to order to gauge market interest before we stock them for immediate shipment. Lead time is about 1-2 weeks. 


The 'SUCK AND SPIN GUITAR BODY VACUUM CLAMP' is the perfect tool to have in any guitar shop. It is fantastic to mount in a shop or buffing stand or can be mounted on any bench or vise. Great for side leveling before binding, sanding sides, installing end grafts, routing mortise or dovetails, and scraping binding. Vacuum clamping is quick, efficient and stays out of the way of your work. 

To minimize cost, the 'Suck and Spin' will be sold without a kit (just the clamp), and the add-on kit option at an additional cost. The kit includes

  • Hardware (high quality plumbing parts sourced from McMaster-Carr)
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Schematics to assemble your system as seen in the pictures and videos

We will also include the instructions and schematics when you buy just the clamp where you will be responsible for sourcing the parts. The Clamp is machined from PVC using high grade CNC gasket.

Trust us, this will save you and your BACK!

We will be offering more Vac Jigs so stay tuned!! 


Recommended Vacuum Pump 

Cheaper Pump Option from Harbor Freight (Will work but not recommended)