Nut Rescue Kit

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Lubricated Nut Repair Powder (Black, Cream, Bright)

"A simple nut repair solution that will blend right in and leave you with a stable and lubricated nut slot." - Joe Glaser (Owner, Glaser Instruments)

Nut Rescue is a unique blend of materials made to perfectly fill and lubricate a slot and look great. Developed for over 25 years in a pro repair shop, this excellent resource is now a product (per frequent request).

Originality and efficiency are important to us all and sometimes it makes good sense to fill and recut an instrument nut - rather than replacing it. For this, Nut Rescue can be used and handled in the same way you use baking soda and/or bone dust to fill nuts but with the added benefit of great color match, durability, sound, and lubrication.

Nut Rescue comes in a set of three shades to match most nuts:

  • Black (Graphite, Ebony, Buffalo)
  • Cream (Aged or Natural Bone, Ivory, Tusq)
  • Bright (Modern Bleached Bone and Corian)

Why it matters:

When a guitar string is bent, string is borrowed from behind the nut and friction is a problem. Nut Rescue's low friction is critical for tuning and its long wearability allows many original nuts to be saved and give years of use. This spares a neck the wear and tear of replacement, saves time, and is a valuable repair.

All three colors take CA glue nicely and without discoloration.


1) Clean the slot with a file

2) Score the slot with a razor

3) Use the included applicator to fill the slot with Nut Rescue (tamp it down gently)

4) Touch the slot with a bead of thin superglue (let the glue cure)

5) File to preferred height