Wood and Fiber Purfling Laminates

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Laminated Wood and Fiber Purfling

(Black, White, Black) (Black, Maple, etc..)

Laminates of white, maple and black fiber. Can be "sandwiched" for additional combinations.

Fiber veneer is very flexible and no bending is needed prior to installation. Wood veneer may need to be bent to avoid breakage depending on the shape of the instrument you are building and the number of laminates in the layup. One can sometimes use a simple household iron to bend these to the appropriate shape. These laminates should not be soaked.

Please note that some are 64" long will wrap around whole instrument with no joint and others are 34.5" long which will require two strips to wrap around with a joint.

Most are .08" tall, but some are .100" or .250" (Please note in listing) 

More sizes will be coming. Please check in with us if you are interested in anything custom or bulk purchases. 


10=.01" Thick

20=.02" Thick 


10/20/10 = .040" thick

10/10 = .020"thick

20/20/20 = .060"thick