MusicNomad Fret Beveling File (B-File)

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What if you could quickly and confidently bevel your fret ends? Filing fret ends with a consistent angle and finish has never been easier with MusicNomad’s B-File. With the ideal 23° and 3° file angles, no detail was overlooked in designing this revolutionary bevel file. The high-quality, durable Acacia wood ergonomic handle is shaped with a curved radius underside and is wide enough to lay centered across the entire fretboard, providing for unmatched stability when filing. The fully adjustable and replaceable high carbon-steel file includes a double cut side and single cut side, allowing for full customization to meet your needs. Their innovative design includes deeper channel recesses for the file, ensuring the file clears the body. That’s MusicNomad quality, bringing fret care to the next level.

Designed by their Sonoma, CA team, they worked with top repair shops around the country to determine the perfect angle for beveling fret ends. Dealing with fret sprout or after installing new frets, the 23° angle provides the ideal bevel on frets for all styles of playing. Use the 3° angle for initial filing, fret sprout, flush filing or tang removal.

Fully adjustable 6” (15cm) file with a 2 ‘n 1 design that allows you to easily change between file finish, bevel angle degree, and is replaceable. One file side is Double Cut for heavy removal and a coarse cut with the other side of the file is Single Cut for fine removal and a smooth cut. The perfect 1-2 combination works for all fret wire types including nickel silver, EVO gold and stainless steel and helps get it primed for the next step, a fret dressing and polish.

Their innovative handle design includes a curved radius underside that is wide enough to cover the entire fretboard and keep you centered while filing, providing consistent results across the entire fretboard.

No detail is overlooked, the high carbon-steel file is treated with anti-rust coating and all 4 edges are polished smooth to protect your prized instrument. The deeper channel recesses the file to clear the body when filing fret ends on acoustic guitars.

Made of high quality Acacia hardwood that is durable and long-lasting and is ergonomically designed to give you comfort and control when filing. It even includes a convenient hang hole.