Madagascar Rosewood Fingerboards

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  • Size: 21" x 3"

Madagascar rosewood in general has a harder surface than Brazilian or Indian, However, there are several subspecies of Madagascar rosewood, and I've found that the more figured type (so-called "Rio) is the type that suffers from lack of stiffness. The plainer, straighter-grained types seem to be stiffer. These days the quality of all Madagascar woods is on a downward trend.  1 board in 5 is rejected, 1 in 20 is figured, the remainders are divided 50-50 first and second grade, with a rather broad first grade category. The 1st grade are quartersawn, while the 2nd grades are typically slab sawn. We have added a new category to cover dark/figured because many expect this look in a 1st grade, and it's just not happening, now!


 6 - 12

 WFMR4A Dark, well quartered, "Vintage" look, AAAA, quartered, 21 X 3


 WFMR3A Standard, AAA, mostly quartered, 21 X 3


 WFMR2A Standard, 2nd, 21 X 3



 WFMRB3A Bass, AAA, 28 X 3+" $45.00


 WFMRB2A Bass, AA, 28 X 3+"