Klemmsia Cam Clamps, New Aluminum Lighter Weight!

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Cam Lever Clamp KLEMMSIA® color

With anodized red colored aluminum bar instead of steel bar. (further colores can be supplied on request)

Features of the KLEMMSIA® color

  • The new clamp series “KLEMMSIA color“ emphasizes with its light weight and design. The applied aluminium is anodized. This hardens the surface and makes the bar more wear-and corrosion-resistant than untreated aluminium.The achievable tension force is the same as with the steel bar clamp.Because of the aluminium bar the total weight of the clamp with 200mm span is about 300gram (comparing with 450 gram for the steel bar clamp)

  • The light weight is an advantage in matters of handle the clamp. 

o E.g. for tensioning delicate parts during manufacturing music instruments (Guitar, violin, piano,...) For this application very often numbers of clamps are used. With a reduced weight of each clamp the instrument is loaded with less weight. This reduces internal stress in sensitive instruments.


Two Models
0011- 4"  height    4.5" reach  100x110mm
0021- 8"  height    4.5" reach.  200x110 mm