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Klemmsia Color is a light-weight clamp with a nice look in an unobtrusive red. It has the same tension force as the standard clamp, but weighs much less in comparison. The rod of the clamp is made of aluminium - with a clamping width of e.g. 200 mm, it only weighs 300 g, the steel rod on the other hand 450 g. 

Perfect for tensioning delicate parts found on guitars or other musical instruments. 


Product features:

  • Clamp rod made of aluminum, light-weight and hard-wearing
  • Aluminum clamp rod is 1/3 lighter than steel rod
  • Simple handling and great time savings due to cam lever
  • No pressure marks thanks to cork sheeting
  • Slip-proof even on roundings and edges
  • Continuously variable pressure
  • Sturdy and resilient despite the low tare weight
  • Environmentally friendly - wooden elements untreated
  • Low tare weight, high tension force

Product information:

Material - Aluminum and Hornbeam wood

Throat depth - 110 mm


Two Models
0011 - 4" height, 4.5" reach, 100 x 110mm
0021 - 8" height, 4.5" reach, 200 x 110 mm