Indian Ebony Fingerboards

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  • Size: About 21" x 2-3/4" to 2-3/8" x .220"

Indian Ebony is much blacker than most of the African Ebony that is currently available.  It is also more sustainable as the Indian government does a good job of managing their forests and doesn't allow export of it in lumber form, so these boards are all tapered so that they can be exported as a finished product.  It is lighter in weight than African Ebony, though it is similarly stable and has similar compression strength.  The one downside to Indian Ebony is that it does have a lot of mineral in it, which is the main criteria used for grading. 

A Premium (4A) board will be black without significant mineral.  A 1st Grade (3A) board will have some mineral.  And a 2nd Grade (2A) board will have heavy mineral.  Our supply of 2nd grade boards and striped boards are minimal so please contact us to inquire about pricing and stock.  We can also offer wholesale pricing on mixed grade orders that are greater than 100 pieces.  Please get in touch for details.

Treating mineral:

It is fairly easy to make the mineral almost invisible as you can see from our before and after photos in the product images.  After giving the board its final sanding with 400 grit paper, we brushed on a coat of muriatic acid, which is something that can be picked up at a hardware store for about $5 for a lifetime supply.  You can see the acid attacking the mineral as it soaks in and dries.  After that apply some fingerboard oil and voila!  The board featured in the images was one of the worst boards we had  and now the mineral is virtually undetectable!