Howard's Total Vise: #7 Guitar Repair Vise Station (Plus Dock)

PID: 77442375

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Endorsed by Dan Erlewine, Ian Davlin, Doug Proper and many more! Dan has said nothing can beat it! 

  • This package includes the #7 Guitar Vise and Quick Docking Station.

  • A versatile multi-functional, multi-position vise.

  • Vise head plates are 7" x 1-7/8"

  • Choice of the standard 1/4" rubber or 1/8" urethane rubber.

  • Opening adjusts from the front, multi-pivoting side and rear quick adjust.

  • Opens from 0" to 5".

  • This vise works the Crossover Vise ll, Pedestal and other positioning equipment.

  • The Vise will spin and lock at any point. It will also pivot left to right to a full 180 degrees, locking at any point.

  • Powder coated.

  • Made in the USA.

  • When ordering, see "add a note" section on the check out page to enter your request for standard rubber or urethane rubber for head plates.