Cleatus Crack Repair System

PID: 64666937

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Cleatus is an instrument repair system for precisely and accurately installing cleats.

The Cleatus Kit contains:

  • Cleat Placement Tool
  • Viewing Film
  • Spruce Cleats x10
  • Rosewood Cleats x5
  • Mahogany Cleats x5

Cleatus allows you to perfectly install cleats using a viewing film so you can see through the wood. 

When installing cleats, it’s essential for the grain of the cleat to be perpendicular to the grain of the instrument. The cleat should also cover as much of the crack as possible. Cleatus makes this painless.

How it works…

The Cleatus Kit contains precision wood cleats, viewing film, and a placement tool.

The cleats are designed to fit perfectly within the placement tool. This allows for consistent orientation and exact location.

The placement tool has a standoff height that keeps the cleat away from the instrument until you’re ready to place it. This keeps glue from being smudged on the inside of the instrument. 

The placement tool also creates an impression on the viewing film that moves with the device, once the impression is lined up with the crack, so is the cleat. Your cleat can be placed in the correct direction and location.