Cardinal Vinyl Nitrocellulose Sealer - 1qt.

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Cardinal's Luthierlac 2059-CLE18773 is solventborne gloss vinyl nitrocellulose lacquer sealer designed specifically for the fine musical instrument finishes. This product was designed to adhere to a variety of wood types. The product exhibits excellent adhesion, fast dry time, sand properties, lifting resistance, clarity and ease of application. TYPICAL USES: BENEFITS: Fine musical instruments Adhesion Lifting resistance Clarity Fast dry CURED FILM PROPERTIES: Testing was conducted on a variety of different wood types which had been sealer with 2059-CLE18773 and then top coated with 2079-CLE17937. The coating was air dried for seven days before testing. TEST METHOD PARAMETERS RESULT Adhesion ASTM D3359 Cross-hatch tape 0% failure Hardness ASTM D3363 Pencil H - 2H Humidity ASTM D2247 50 hrs No effect Cold Checking NA 10 cycles from 25°C to -5°C with 8 hr. intervals No effect

APPLICATION: SPRAY 1. Sand the wood to desired finish using 180-320 grit sandpaper. 2. Blow any dust or debris from surface. 3. Clean all grease, oil, and contaminants with acetone or naphtha like solvent. 4. Apply finish with a fine finish spray gun setup using the necessary amount of atomizing air pressure to form a fine spray. 5. Recommended spray gun settings would be 6” fan approximately 9”-12” from the substrate. 6. Apply the finish with an overlapping spray technique. Avoid getting the gun to close to substrate to prevent air entrapment (bubbles) 7. Apply approximately 0.5-1.0 dry mils (5-10 wet mils) each coat. 8. Ensure a wet coat to achieve desired adhesion. Filling and Recoating 1. Allow 20-30 minutes before fill and recoat with Cardinal Pore Fill and Lacquer. 2. Be sure to seal after filling to ensure topcoat adhesion. Note: These recommendations are only a suggestion and do not imply that other products and techniques currently being used won’t work. All procedures and materials used must be tested and approved by the applicator. Woods Tested: Mahogany, Rosewood, Ebony, Spruce, Maple and Koa.