Cardinal Vinyl Nitrocellulose Sealer, Gloss

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Cardinal's Luthierlac 2059-CLE18773 is solventborne gloss vinyl nitrocellulose lacquer sealer designed specifically for the fine musical instrument finishes. This product was designed to adhere to a variety of wood types. The product exhibits excellent adhesion, fast dry time, sand properties, lifting resistance, clarity and ease of application.

Most air quality regulations require the paint application transfer efficiency to be 65% or better. This generally means using electrostatic or high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray guns. Otherwise, conventional pressure feed, airless or air assisted airless spray equipment can be used. Air supply lines need water and oil traps. 

1. Sand the wood to desired finish using 180-320 grit sandpaper.
2. Blow any dust or debris from surface.
3. Clean all grease, oil, and contaminants with acetone or naphtha like solvent.
4. Apply finish with a fine finish spray gun setup using the necessary amount of atomizing air pressure to form a fine spray.
5. Recommended spray gun settings would be 6” fan approximately 9”-12” from the substrate.
6. Apply the finish with an overlapping spray technique. Avoid getting the gun to close to substrate to prevent air entrapment (bubbles)
7. Apply approximately 0.5-1.0 dry mils (5-10 wet mils) each coat.
8. Ensure a wet coat to achieve desired adhesion.

1. Allow 20-30 minutes before fill and recoat with Cardinal Pore Fill and Lacquer.
2. Be sure to seal after filling to ensure topcoat adhesion.
Note: These recommendations are only a suggestion and do not imply that other products and techniques currently being used won’t work. All procedures and materials used must be tested and approved by the applicator.
Woods Tested: Mahogany, Rosewood, Ebony, Spruce, Maple and Koa.