Guitar Bridge Vacuum Clamp


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We will be making these to order to gauge market interest before we stock them for immediate shipment. Lead time is about 1-2 weeks.

The Bridge vacuum clamp  is our favorite way to glue a bridge to the soundboard of a guitar. The bridge can be glued without clamps. The pressure is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the bridge and the risk of damaging the instrument is greatly reduced. The vacuum sucks all the water and moisture out of the glue to cure almost instantly. We recommend not stringing up for a few hours. If using redwood or cedar, make sure wood is scuff sanded to 80grit before gluing. 

We recommend an initial vacuum of 10 minutes. The process should then be stopped, clamp removed, and the excess glue squeeze out removed with a glue chisel and paper towel, etc..... Then put back vacuum for another 30-45 minutes. Custom cauls can be made to help with the glue pressure on the wings. 

The vacuum reduces the curing time of water-based glues, such as Titebond or Hide Glue. 

Comes with 1ft of 1/4" tubing.

Dimensions: 230x160x60mm

Material: Silicone, High Grade CNC Gasket Foam, Plastic 


Recommended Vacuum Pump (We hope to stock soon but can be purchased here) 

Cheaper Pump Option from Harbor Freight (Will work but not recommended)

Video Example: