Bridge Pins & End Pins

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Our bridge and end pins are made by our pal, Michael Gurian. (See History) The photo of him in action below I snapped at his erstwhile shop in Seattle. He now runs his operation out of a barge and his employees are now known as "mates," and he refers to himself as "Cap'n."

In any case, he makes our bridge and end pins and most of those used by the American makers and manufacturers. Of course, they are nicely made and sport string relief grooves, as all better pins should.

.203" under skirt, .160" small end, .800" length, ~5° taper.

PART No. Description Price Ea.
PBPE Bridge pin, plain ebony $0.75
PBPEAD Bridge pin, ebony with abalone dot $1.50
PBPEMD Bridge pin, ebony with MOP dot $1.50
PBPBX Bridge pin, Boxwood $0.85
End Pins
PEPEAD End pin, ebony with abalone dot $2.20