Bridge Pin Hole Chamfer Tool

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SKU: MD.R3.C4.01/Chamfer
PID: 85203513

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Introducing our groundbreaking solution for bridge pin countersinking – the ultimate tool designed to revolutionize your bridge countersinking needs! Bid farewell to the frustrations of bit chatter with our innovative cutter, engineered to deliver unparalleled precision and control over the size and depth of your cuts. Achieve flawless results every time with a rounded bevel on any bridge surface.

Compared to standard countersink bits, our tool offers exceptional control and reliability. Featuring a robust steel pilot that keeps the cutter perfectly centered, it eliminates chatter and guarantees a pristine cut. Plus, with an Allen-adjustable depth stop, you have complete command over the tapered 4-fluted bit's cut, ensuring consistent and accurate results. The nylon lining on the depth stop provides added protection for the bridge's surface, preserving its integrity with each use.

Even when utilized with a hand drill, our depth stop maintains perpendicularity, ensuring that the countersunk bevel remains consistently rounded for a professional finish. Say hello to effortless precision and bid adieu to the frustrations of traditional countersinking methods with our cutting-edge solution