Blue Paua Abalone ZipFlex

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ZipFlex is a genuine abalone shell strip engineered to be very flexible. It can easily bend around the edge of any curved surface, making it an ideal inlay material for musical instruments.

When manually breaking solid blanks or Abalam strips into a curved inlay surface, gaps and "steps" can appear between the shell segments. By contrast, each section of ZipFlex is bonded and aligned to achieve the appearance of continuity and flow between shell segments. So an inlay performed with ZipFlex will actually appear cleaner and smoother than inlays performed with solid blanks or Abalam strips.

Generally four of the 15" strips will complete one guitar soundboard. 

Blue Paua is a variety of Paua shell hand-selected for its vibrant blue tones. Please note, the color and pattern of genuine shell products vary slightly from piece to piece.

  • Select from three width(s): .047”, .064", and .079”
  • Each ZipFlex strip measures 15” in length
  • .055” thick (.050” shell thickness + .005” substrate thickness)