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AxeJack by Music City Bridge is a tool designed to facilitate acoustic instrument repair. It’s a true one-handed brace and crack jack designed for easy and quick placement.  Its typical use is to apply pressure to musical instrument braces that are being glued into place.

AxeJack can be preset to length, compressed for insertion, opened to full length by pressing its side lever, and further tightened by thumbwheel to create just the right pressure on the brace or crack being glued. It is compact but capable of easily producing as much pressure as needed.

Both ends of the AxeJack have removable silicone rubber pads to protect wood surfaces and are glue resistant.

AxeJack is virtually one-size-fits-all for acoustic guitars from end to end, with a working range of 2-¾” to 4-¾”. The thumbwheel thread ratio gives the AxeJack a smooth feel even when applying as much pressure as any job might require.

This tool was developed by Joe Glaser at the request of Scott Holyfield, and has been tested and refined at Glaser Instruments since 2018.