Friedrich Classical Guitar Plan

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  • Classic Plan based on French luthier Daniel Friedrich. Not of a specific guitar, but typical of the Freidrich guitar. Above heel cap detail of Jeff Elliott guitar.

We have no immediate plans to carry any guitarmaking or repair books. However, we do have a couple of suggestions. We like the Cumpiano/Natelson book Guitarmaking: History and Tradition, and for classical guitars we like Roy Courtnall's book Making Master Guitars. We also suggest the GAL's Big Red books . There are two versions now, and between them there is a wealth of information from experts and amateurs alike. Our friends at Stewart MacDonald's Guitar Shop Supply carry these books, so give them a try.

At the moment, with the exception of Rick Micheletti's exceptional Martin parlor plan, we are carrying only plans that are for classical guitars. They are drawn by Stewart Adamson of England using Autocad, and they are superb. However, except for the Kasha/Schneider plans, these are meant more for the beginning or experimental luthier. In Stewart's case, he planned to keep everything else the same but experiment with the various top bracings, and these plans reflect that idea. These are not based on specific instruments necessarily but rather one of the makers' typical instruments.