Royal Blackwood Fingerboard

Size: 510mm x 72 mm x 8 mm

PID: 61687609

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Crafted through a torrefaction process, R.BLACKWOOD FRETBOARDS transform natural hardwood (purple heart)  into a striking pure black, preserving the wood's grain and enhancing workability.

Dimensions : 510mm x 72 mm x 8 mm

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Key Features:

  • Optimal Moisture Content: Dried to 8% and stabilized through torrefaction, ensuring ideal crafting conditions without compromising integrity.
  • Versatility at Its Core: Glues, works, sands, and machines like natural wood, providing ease and flexibility in your creative process.
  • Perfect Density Balance: Striking a balance between Ebony and Indian Rosewood for unparalleled performance.
  • True Color, No Compromises: Boasting a natural color that penetrates the wood evenly, unaffected by glues, moisture, or solvents.
  • Sustainability First: Harvested sustainably, R.BLACKWOOD aligns with responsible forestry practices.

Dimensions : 510mm x 72 mm x 8 mm