Bone Nuts

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  • Bone nut, for classic guitar or steel strings requiring wider nuts (for compensating at the nut, too). 55 X 10 X 8mm (2-1/16" X 3/8" X 19/64"). Above photo is of laminated wood (to match purfling) and scalloped nut on Richard Schneider classic guitar.
  • Ox bone is the traditional favorite of luthiers. That's because it's the bone that's mostly available. If sheep bone were readily available it would be the favorite as it's harder and whiter. Bone is about .5 MOHS harder than ivory, and actually serves the purpose better than ivory.
  • Made of Buffalo Bone. We prefer buffalo bone because it’s less porous than the typical ox bone.
  • If you have a special size you'd like we can special order it for you, with a minimum of 250 pieces.