Taku’s Wood

Many of you know of Taku Sakashita's unexcelled craftmanship, his fine aesthetic sense, and his ear for tone. Many of the guitar building community know of his tragic murder in February of 2010.

Taku had an uncanny knack for knowing when we were cutting wood that had just come in. He would often show up at our shop, as the most beautiful Brazilian rosewood, African blackwood or Amazon rosewood just came off the saw. Often, he left with some of the choicest pieces.

It's our privilege to be offering over the next number of weekly specials Taku's accumulation of guitar woods.

We see the sale of Taku's wood as a fundraiser to help Taku's widow, Kazuko.

With help from Toru Nittono, Taku's close friend, we have priced the woods so that they will sell. Most of the wood is aged, hand-selected, and of the highest quality.

Our staff is very limited, so please keep this in mind when requesting information regarding these items.


Todd Taggart

Sold in Lots only except where noted. Brazilian rosewood shipped only in the U.S. Customer pays actual cost of shipping.