FlexStrong Kerfing

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We are out of stock on the FlexStrong Kerfing for a limited time but have plenty of standard, reverse, square, and small kerfing. Please be in touch with what you need.


Our FlexStrong kerfing is both stronger and more flexible than what's widely available on the market. Offered in traditional, reverse and four-way styles; all three styles are also available in a mini version for mandolins and ukuleles. All of the styles available for purchase on the site are 32" in length. The standard kerfing measures .625" x .22" and the miniature version comes in at .45" x .16". We can also make custom sizes and dimensions upon request.

The FlexStrong kerfing is made in house by "jigmaster" (as he was known at RGC), Mike Gutsch.  Mike has an expansive resume having started building his own guitars when he was 14 years old.  Later he moved onto Alembic before becoming the foreman/production designer at Ribbecke Guitar Company.  He has since set out to make his own guitars in our shop here while developing other products in conjunction with us.

NOTE: Please call for pricing on orders of 50+.

PART No. FlexStrong Kerfing Each 12+
WKFFSCT Spanish Cedar Traditional, 4 per guitar $6.00 $5.50
WKFFSCR Spanish Cedar Reverse, 4 per guitar $6.00 $5.50
WKFFSCRM Mini Spanish Cedar Reverse, 4 per guitar $6.00 $5.50
WKFFBT Basswood Traditional, 4 per guitar $6.25 $5.75
WKFFBR Basswood Reverse, 4 per guitar $6.25 $5.75
WKFFBRM FlexStrong Mini Basswood Reverse, 4 per guitar $6.25 $5.75
WKFFSCTW FlexStrong Wide Spanish Cedar Trad, 4 per guitar $10.00 $9.50