Sitka Spruce

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Book-matched, 2-piece Sitka spruce soundboard for steel string guitar. Dimensions are at least 8.25" wide and 21" long. The binomial name is Picea stichensis. It's a coastal spruce, growing from northern-most California through Alaska. Characterized as tough and elastic, it's also stringy and difficult to resaw unless you have (much) more than hobbiest tools. This was the wood that Howard Hughe's Spruce Goose was made from, and is still used in building experimental aircraft. More used by steel string makers than classic builders because, among other things, it will stand more abuse and hard picking. It ranges in color from creamy white to pink through light brown. The lower grades can be quite colorful and even have a candy stripe effect. Although mainly cosmetic in nature, some believe color is an indication of tension or compression wood. Known for a bright sound, with good balance between all ranges, it can be played hard without breaking up. Guitar shown by Michael Keller.

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