Honduran Mahogany

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Genuine mahogany, also known as Honduran or Bigleaf mahogany grows from Mexico south to Brazil. It's one of three species of genuine mahogany, but the only one that's really commercially available. It is on the WWF list of 10 most endangered species and is on appendix II of the Cites Treaty, and requires CITES documentation when shipping out of the U.S. Most of the mahogany came out of Brasil in the last 30 years or so, but these days, much comes from Peru as well as several of the Central American countries. Although still available it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain, and maintaining quality is just as difficult.

Above, mahogany log being resawn at the mill in Central America.
We will occasionally have quilted and figured mahogany, but it is rare, and it will never be a stock item.
As of this writing (late November 2001) there is a mahogany shortage in the States, partly due to the unstable political situation in Peru, and Brasil placed an embargo on exporting mahogany because of over exploitation. This has been of more concern for neck woods than for backs and sides, and many who have relied on straight-grained 12/4 slab-sawn planks for raw material are devising other methods of neck construction to take this into account.