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Book-matched, 2-piece Engelmann spruce soundboard for steel string guitar. Dimensions are at least 8.25" wide and 21" long. The binomial name is Picea engelmanni, and it grows through the entire Rocky Mountain range, and further into Canada. The Engelmann spruce we carry is Canadian and tends to be a little heavier and stiffer than the Englemann from the States. Noted for it's consistency within the soundboard it has become a favorite of many classical and steel string builders. Some Engelmann has a rather soft surface and because of this many steel string guitar factories avoid using it. Most of the factory craftsmen are used to the tough qualities of Sitka spruce. Most find this wood a good substitute for European spruce, claiming good fundamental, open sound, good response, and developing more like cedar than the other spruces. In Steel strings, it's a particularly good choice for flatpickers or fingerpickers.

Our 2A Grade might be called an average factory grade (since most of the higher end factories use mostly 3A and 4A grade tops). Usually downgraded because of stiffness, or color, or excessive grain variation, it can be a good sounding top, but lacks in aesthetics. (Or it may have the aesthetics but lacks stiffness, i.e. off quarter, or has excessive runout, etc.).

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Classic, fine




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Classic, standard




Steel string/classic, 2nd (export grade)