CNC: Universal Fingerboard + Neck Locating Drill Jig

Size: CNC

PID: 33291335

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The same jig and locating holes we use on our CNC'd fingerboards and necks. This jig locates off of a centerline or a 1/4 or 3/16 truss rod slot. It comes with x4 removable 3/16 precision drill bushings to accurately drill the locating hole positions on both your neck and fingerboard. Multiple hole locations allow you to set the bushings where you would like them for your parts. Use stop collar on a shallow drill bit (bit/collar not included) to get consistent hole depths. We like to use long nylon dowels cut to length with end nippers as locating pins in our instruments (not included) but wood, metal, or any other type of plastic pin will work. This jig will work with almost any stringed instrument. 


- x4 removable (left-hand thread) precision 3/16 drill bushings (photo shows 10 bushings at the optional locations)

- Universal/Modular design for multiple hole location options 

- CNC precision made template

- 1/4" shatter proof polycarbonate construction 

- Holes align with any CNC machine neck or fingerboard we offer

- Can work in conjunction with the Elevate Fingerboard Locating Jig


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