CNC: F-Style Neck

PID: 69184839

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25.5" or 24.75" Scale

Any F-Style Paddle headstock for your own design. Modern style heel or traditional f-style heel available. 

+$75 for custom heel (onetime fee)

+$300 for custom peghead (onetime fee)

+$25 for custom shaft thickness

+$500 to $700  for a full custom or new neck design (onetime fee)

You choose:

- Modern or F-Style Heel Shape

- Fingerboard Radius of your choice (including compound radii)

- Pocketed Fret Slots

- Tuner Spacing

Available in all common/standard F-style designs

Materials, Wood, and truss rod not included 

We will contact you with further instructions if you place an order online. 

Custom options available. Contact us for more information!