CNC: PRO Flat Top Electric Guitar Body Routing System

Size: CNC

PID: 53176135

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This system uses polycarbonate template to layout the body and mark drill holes, a sandwich jig that uses a series of plates to rout the necessary pockets, and an MDF template to flush trim the body. This system requires a handheld router, a set of template guides, and some flush cut pattern bits. This system is extremely accurate, safe, and allows the option of switching out multiple plates for different cavity and pickup options

+$250 for semi-custom options (e.g pocket sizes, pickup locations, etc)

+$550 for custom body or new body design

+$1500 Average cost for full custom or new guitar design (includes neck)

+$35 for additional routing plates


- 1/4" Polycarbonate Body Profile and Locating Template

- 1/2" MDF Mounting Base

- 1/2" MDF flush-trim routing Body Profile Template

- All necessary routing plates for all pockets and cavities

- Optional Pickguard Routing Template (additional price varies)

- Optional Belly Carve Contour Template (additional price varies)

Available for all standard/common Flat-Top F-Style and G-Style models.

Serious inquiries only please! Custom options available. Contact us for more information!