CNC: PRO Electric Guitar Neck Routing System

Size: CNC

PID: 53864263

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This system uses 1/4" polycarbonate template to layout the neck and to mark/drill locating and tuner holes, and a double sided MDF fixture to flush-trim the neck taper and peghead shape using a router table. This allows you to carve in your neck shape, thickness or angle your peghead, and machine/shape your fingerboard how you see fit.  This system is extremely accurate and safe when used properly. 

+$175-$350 for semi-custom options (e.g. Peghead shape, FB taper, Scale Length, etc.)

+$700 for custom neck or new neck design

+$1500 Average cost for full custom or new guitar design (includes body)


- 1/4" Polycarbonate Neck Profile and Locating Template

- 1/2" MDF  Double Sided Neck Profile Routing Fixture

Optional 1/2" MDF Truss Rod Routing Plate

- Optional Peghead Template (additional price varies)

- Optional Neck Contour Gauges (additional price varies)

- Optional Neck Side Profile Layout Template (for angled peghead designs, additional price varies)

Serious inquiries only please! Custom options available. Contact us for more information!