Cardinal UV Cure Satin Urethane Topcoat

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Cardinal's U4UA-CLE15-6 is a solventborne UV curable urethane acrylate satin finish. This product exhibits a smooth satin finishes, reduced burnishing resistance, ease of application, fast tack time and good cure speed. TYPICAL USES: BENEFITS:  Fine musical instruments  Fine Satin Finish  Fast Tack Time  Burnish Resistance  Ease of Application CURED FILM PROPERTIES: Testing was conducted on a variety of different wood types which had been sealer and basecoated with U4PA-CLE22 and topcoated with U4UA-CLE15-6. TEST METHOD PARAMETERS RESULT Adhesion ASTM D3359 Cross-hatch tape 0% failure Hardness ASTM D3363 Pencil 5H-6H Humidity ASTM D2247 50 hrs No effect

APPLICATION: SPRAY 1. Prepare basecoat of gloss clear to accept satin finish by sand with 600-800 grit sand paper. 2. Apply finish with a fine finish spray gun setup using the necessary amount of atomizing air pressure to form a fine spray. 3. Recommended spray gun settings would be 6” fan approximately 9”-12” from the substrate. 4. Apply the finish with an overlapping spray technique two times for one coat. Avoid getting the gun to close to substrate to prevent air entrapment (bubbles) 5. Apply approximately 0.75-1.0 dry mils (5-10 wet mils). 6. Allow to flash for 10 minutes before UV curing. 7. Depending on Light intensity cure the finish following the cure conditions listed. 8. Once cured the finish is complete.


Note: These recommendations are only a suggestion and do not imply that other products and techniques currently being used won’t work. All procedures and materials used must be tested and approved by the applicator.