Amber Red Brown Bone Nut Blank

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Amber Red Brown Bone Nut Blank

1/4 " X .470 " X 2.2 " (6.4 mm X 12 mm X 55mm)

These are different than the Vintage Nuts and Saddles.

Vintage nuts and saddles are made through a dyeing process. True unbleached bone products are illegal to import to the USA and that is a good thing. Unbleached bone is raw unprocessed bone that can spread mad cow disease, hoof & mouth disease etc. to you and your family and the cows in your state. So the vintage bone is fully bleached, properly treated to USDA standards, and then dyed. The amber parts are done the same way but through a different process. 

The vintage uses a vegetable oil to transfer an even golden-tan coloring throughout the piece. The result is an even color and a slight oily feel to the bone. Most folks like the oily feel. It does not hurt a thing and once in the application the oily feature is unnoticed.

The amber is a red-brown color that is infused in the material as a water based infusion. This renders the beautiful red-brown in an uneven way so you have gradations of this beautiful color in your nut and saddle. The color is throughout the nut or saddle but in an uneven way that gives the appearance of a stone with variations of color. Once the moisture evaporates, after the infusion process, you are left with a dry feel just like regular bone has. So you have color and a regular dry bone feel. As blanks, the nut and saddle rarely match in color but once finished up and in application the color differences are not a problem.