Adirondack Spruce

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Please see our list of weekly special woods to see our Adirondack Master Grade sets.

Because it's not the traditional soundboard wood for classic guitar, there are few classic guitar builders that could be called Adirondack adherents. And because it's not so easy to add the upcharge of an expensive top that steel string makers can more readily do, it's doubtful that Adirondack will ever make great inroads as their wood of choice. However, the classic size is fairly close to 00 sized steel strings and the discount is significant enough that those who build the smaller steel strings should inquire.

2A Grade: The Adirondack spruce we offer comes from quartersawn logs, so runout is minimized. Our 2A grade in Adirondack virtually meets the same criteria as the 2A grades in our other offered spruces. This is not to boast, because really it's our source that keeps the grading as it should be, but our experience has been that grading in this tonewood can be flexible, based upon what's available. This grade is probably the most popular because it's readily available and looks like the typical red spruce (some coarse grain lines, color streaks, etc.)

1A Grade: The Adirondack spruce we offer comes from quartersawn logs, so runout is minimized. Our Single A grade in Adirondack might be called "standard," in that it is comparable to what is usually seen on guitars by makers who use this species frequently. It's what most have come to know and love as red spruce: heavy late growth lines, color streaks, grain variation, etc. It's what gives this top-wood its charm. But it's stiff, hard, and Andirondack, and if you haven't used this spruce before, you'll be surprised (in a good way) by what it can do.

Adirondack Spruce Each 6+
WSADJ3A Steel string, fine See Weekly Special
WSADC3A Classic/00, fine $80.00 $65.00
WSADJ2A Steel string, good $95.00 $80.00
WSADJ1A Steel string, standard $70.00 $65.00