Friday, March 17th, 2017

New Sets Up!

We've added fresh Cocobolo and Plum Pudding Mahogany back and side sets, both in guitar and ukulele sizes!  The Cocobolo is dry and well seasoned and will get more orange as it oxidizes.  The Plum Pudding Mahogany has some of the most intense figure of anything we've ever seen! For tops we've added more Adirondack Spruce!

From Last Week:

This week we've upped our supply of Amazon Rosewood, Pink Gum, & Curly Koa back and side sets!  

We've added more highly figured ZiricoteCurly Claro Walnut , Indian Rosewood,  and Monkey Pod, back and sides sets!  We've also added more Torrefied Adirondack Spruce!

We've posted some nice, wide and well quartered Wenge back and side sets and we've also upped our supply of European Spruce !

From Prior Weeks:

We've added more Malaysian Blackwood,  Monkey Pod, and African Ebony back and side sets.  For tops we've added more clean and stiff Adirondack Spruce!

We've restocked our Amazon RosewoodIndonesian Rosewood and Fiddleback Mahogany, back and side sets.  

We have a small supply of Torrefied Adirondack Spruce tops!  Torrefied wood has been thermally cured to replicate the aging process, which results in a stiffer and lighter top with a vintage golden hue. 

We've also added access to a couple of references to the site in the way of eBooks from our friend, Nigel Forester.  Check out his books, "Making A Living In Lutherie: From Amateur To Professional" and "The Luthier Blog eBook" here!

We finally have some more of the ultra rare and highly figured Camphor back and side sets both for guitars as well as ukuleles!


First, we were able to get a couple of Snakewood back and side sets out of the logs that we've been processing!  Snakewood is not only rare and pricey, but it's so prone to cracking, voids and other issues that it's nearly impossible to find any clean pieces big enough for backs and sides.  It took 5 logs that appeared big enough before cutting just to get these two sets!

We've completely restocked our Figured Maple, CocoboloAmazon Rosewood and Ziricote back and side sets!  For tops we've added more Adirondack Spruce and Sinker Redwood!  

For those looking to save a little money on kerfing, we're offering our FlexStrong kerfing at half price for fully functional 2nds!  Use these on the top of the instrument where it won't be seen!

We are now offering our FlexStrong Truss rods with a Spoke Nut as a stock item!  Each rod also includes a custom stainless adjustment tool!  

We've added more Mahogany options to our online store.  We've got blanks for both Electric builders and Archtop builders.  We've also added more neck blank dimension options!  If there are any dimensions that you require that aren't currently on the site, please contact us for pricing and availability!

Our new website is getting lots of positive feedback and we're happy that it's working well for our customers!  We had some problems with the mobile version that have been resolved and ordering should now be easier than ever!

Anyway, as far as new additions go, we added a couple of Figured Mahogany Archtop back and side sets!  We also managed to squeeze out one more Snakewood Ukulele set, though this time in a smaller Concert size.  We've also added Tzalam back and side sets as an affordable stock back and side option. For tops we've added more European Spruce as well as Sinker Redwood!

We've completely restocked our supply of Figured Maple, Curly Koa, Fiddleback Mahogany, & High Curl Walnut back and side sets! We've also added more Sinker Redwood and Adirondack Spruce tops!




Grant Taggart & Mike Gutsch

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