Friday, August 18, 2017

New Sets Up!

We've added lots of new material to the site this week, including Malaysian Blackwood, Indonesian Rosewood, Fiddleback Mahogany, and Australian Lacewood back and side sets!  For tops we've added more Sinker Redwood

From Prior Weeks:

We've restocked our selection of Bigleaf Figured MapleCurly Koa, and Bees Wing Mahogany back and side sets!  For tops, we've added more Adirondack Spruce!

We've posted more Amazon Rosewood, Curly Claro Walnut, , and Macacauba back Quilted Mahogany, and Cocobolo, Plum Pudding Mahogany, and Wenge, back and side sets! For tops we've added more European Spruce

Also, we are now offering a fretboard slotting service!  Below is one that we did for a customer that wanted a compound scale length.  Contact us for a price quote!

 We've got some exciting announcements regarding forthcoming additions to our FlexStrong Truss Rod line that will be available this summer!  First, we will be offering two new stock bass lengths and we'll be able to make even longer custom lengths.  

Second, we're going to be offering a stainless steel dual action compression rod for those who want to minimize weight and save a little money.  We think there's nothing else like it on the market!

Finally, we will be offering a wooden sleeve upgrade for any of our FlexStrong truss rods for those that are concerned that the heat shrink tubing that is used on most truss rods has a dampening effect that inhibits the transmission of sonic vibrations through the neck of the instrument.  The wood also completely fills the flat bottom slot leaving no room for rod rattle, especially if glued in by the sleeve, and will be available in maple or mahogany.  For the time being we are offering a free upgrade (1 per customer) on any truss rod order.  Just ask in the notes when you place your order! 

 More from before:

 We've also added access to a couple of references to the site in the way of eBooks from our friend, Nigel Forester.  Check out his books, "Making A Living In Lutherie: From Amateur To Professional" and "The Luthier Blog eBook" here!

 We are now offering our FlexStrong Truss rods with a Spoke Nut as a stock item!  Each rod also includes a custom stainless adjustment tool!  

We've added more Mahogany options to our online store.  We've got blanks for both Electric builders and Archtop builders.  We've also added more neck blank dimension options!  If there are any dimensions that you require that aren't currently on the site, please contact us for pricing and availability!


Grant Taggart & Mike Gutsch

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