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Weekly Specials - Pink Gum

Pink Gum (Eucalyptus wandoo thanks to Australian luthier Scott Wise) - Air dried, stable, hard, reminiscent of pink ivory, madrone, or pearwood. More from Scott: This very heavy, strong wood grows in an open woodland environment in South Western Australia. It has a striking creamy, white bark and produces a pale yellowish or pinkish brown wood. It is extremely high in tannins, and always changes colour to a rich chocolate brown in fingerboards and a dark brown under finish in guitar bodies. Its great strength and weight give it very high resonant freqencies, so high in fact that the wood appears to have no tap tone. In guitars it produces a very loud, projecting instrument which seems to reflect all the frequencies of the top out through the soundhole. The volume of these guitars is something to be dealt with! They can cause microphones to overload and drown out singing voices.