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Weekly Specials - Mahogany from "The Tree"

Quilted mahogany: Swietenia macrophylla

I guess we probably shipped out between 150 and 200 sets worth over the years. (If you don't know about "The Tree," do an internet search, and include the terms "quilted mahogany.") 

Another retired woodworker shipped two beautiful wide board to us and we were able to come up with several sets. (See photo lower left.) This is a little different looking than the last material. Not so much of a quilted look, but with harder and more intense "facets," as in the thumbnails below (click to enlarge). At the right angle to the light, you'll see a lovely tortoise-shell patterning. 

If we had a nickel for every time someone asked if we had any of this special mahogany in our "stash," we'd be hundredairesWe've had a fairly long history with this wood. Beginning in about 1985 we processed a number planks and supplied around 50 sets worth; everything from the highest, tortoise-shell look to what we called a "wave" figure.

On probably 3 or 4 different occasions we cut up more, supplying Taylor Guitars with much of their stash. Like the mahogany we processed a couple of weeks ago, this is the hard, great tapping stuff. And we've sanded using only 100 grit, so it will show much stronger using a finer grit paper and with a finish.

And it's also over 30 years old and air-dried!